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Swagelok Alabama | West Tennessee

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Hose Advisory Service

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Swagelok Knows Hose

Our Hose Advisory Services connects you with decades of industry expertise in fluid system design. We will guide you through a comprehensive survey process which will improve hose life and hose performance in your facility.

We don't just understand hoses; we get to know your unique operation to help develop a solution. Our trained associates work with you to troubleshoot hose-related problems in your facility.

  1. Are you tired of spending your limited budget continuously replacing the same damaged or worn hoses?
  2. Are hose-related problems costing your plant money from unplanned downtime or wasted products?
  3. More importantly, are these hose related issues potentially risking injuries to your employees or damage to the environment?
  4. Do you have other priorities and day-to-day activities that prevent you from giving your hoses the attention they deserve?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, our Hose Advisory Service is for you.

What is included in a Hose Advisory Services Survey?

Our Hose Adviser will come to your facility and work with you to best understand your needs and goals for improving your hose systems. After establishing the goals that are most meaningful to you and your team, the Hose Advisor will complete an on-site visual analysis of all systems. Key areas will be identified, including hose installation, placement and interaction within the facility. 

Upon completion of the Hose Advisory Service Survey, you will receive a detailed report, backed by recommendations on best maintenance practices and schedules, along with any modifications that can make an impact in your facility. The comprehensive analysis will outline the following key areas:

  • A summary of overall findings and improvement suggestions for hose installation, inspection and selection at your facility
  • Suggestions on potential replacement options for hose assemblies that may be a better fit for a particular application
  • Tips and suggestions for preventative maintenance schedules for the specific applications at your facility

Why schedule Swagelok Hose Advisory Services?

Improperly selected or installed hoses can cost you money and time. Sometimes without you even knowing. How much can improperly installed or maintained hoses cost you? One leak can cost up to $125,000 per hour in fluid loss.  Not only can costs add up over time, but a hose leak or break can cost you tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars at once.

Keep your plant and processes safe, predictable, and dependable with a leak-tight product and value-added training from our Swagelok Hose Advisory Service.We are here to help you create a better operation without disruption in your facility. Hoses are often the most overlooked element, but among the most critical, in a manufacturing operation. That’s why there is no team better equipped to help you prevent those costly problems than Swagelok Alabama | West Tennessee.

Interactive Hose Advisory Service Brochure