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Swagelok Alabama | West Tennessee

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Hand Tube Bender

Tube Bending Essentials - 1 Day Class

Bending tubing correctly is an art. This course provides instruction in the key elements of tube bending to ensure learners know how to make the right bends and don’t waste material. In this class, attendees bend tube and practice the essentials. Bend with the best, improve your system performance, and reduce rework time by making the right bends the first time.

Upon completion of this training, learners should be able to:

• Identify correct tube system placement
• Understand the installation and reassembly of Swagelok tube fitting components
• List the dangers of mixed fitting components
• Identify correct tubing types for the specific applications
• Identify common tube bend defects
• Understand NPT thread installation and the use of thread lubricants and sealants


Installers, Maintenance Engineers, Maintenance Managers, Supervisors, Safety Engineers, Contract Personnel

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